The Art of Story Telling

Course Overview

Storytelling is the process painting a picture with words, so that the listener understands and can see what the story is telling them in relation to the subject being discussed.

It is useful in business when selling an idea, a concept a product or service to a leader, manager, member of staff or a customer.  The concept is the same. It is a skill that requires practice to become an expert in execution.

The Story should always have the 4 Ps included. The People, Place, Plot and Purpose all are central to the word painting and ensuring the listener understands what the story is showing.

Call for Pricing
1 (6hrs) or 2 (3hrs)  day
  • Workshop Outline

    • What is the Art of Story Telling?
    • The critical Ingredients – the 4 Ps
      • The People
      • Understand who the story is aimed at and why
      • Make the story relevant to them – make them care
    • The Place
      • Setting the scene
      • Know the journey that your story will take
      • The Start, Finish and End
    • The Plot
      • Building the story so that the audience understands what is happening
      • Bringing them with you, involve and engage
      • Think of what you want to say and how to say it
    • Purpose
      • Know your outcome and the punch line that will make the difference
    • Build the Story demonstration – step by step
    • Practice time, being creative
      • Participants build their own story
      • Telling the story and coaching – each participants delivers their story and receives feedback and reinforcement
    • Program Close