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Personalize Learning & Development Through Analysis

Revitalize your approach through appropriate planning.

When it comes to learning and development, one size does not fit all. For learning to be effective, it must speak to the individual learner. But how does a large organization meet the needs of its diverse workforce? 

Fundamentally, any quality learning starts with two basic elements: 

  • A subject matter expert who understands WHAT needs to be taught 
  • An L&D expert who knows HOW to design a learning solution 

However, to truly engage different learner types, Lumious works side-by-side with each client during the analysis and discovery phase. 

Research, Research, Research 

As you may have already guessed, Lumious has a rigorous (but not crazy long, we promise!) approach to analysis and discovery. This phase should never be underestimated as it is key to actually providing value to our learners. 

If learners don’t easily see how training is relevant to them, we might as well give up now; we’re wasting everyone’s time. This can be avoided when we do our research to uncover the reason(s) the learner needs that information. 

We’ll work with you to make sure each learner is understood. For example, one client was implementing a complete paradigm shift in their approach to training. They were moving away from one-size fits all training to role-specific learning. But they ran into a few challenges. 

Some managers had been doing the same things the same way for years. Would they be open to new management skills, and would they be open to learning in a new format?  

Lumious interviewed several managers at varying levels for their feedback. We then worked with the client to make their new learning experiences engaging, interactive and suitable for the needs of each role.  

Another client wanted to change some behaviors in their learners. Their original default option was eLearning. Lumious worked with them to take a step back. Could some of the learning be Instructor Led? What about a podcast series for busy managers? How about bite-sized microlearning to avoid 45-minute sessions? Could a series of TikTok style videos engage Zillennial learners?  

Together we identified new approaches that ultimately helped learners better retain the knowledge as well as saved our client budget and time. 

The Bottom Line  

You guessed it – Lumious is passionate about analysis and discovery.  We could go on about the value of this sometimes overlooked phase of a Learning & Development initiative (and we likely will in another article or two). 

Lumious has implemented this analysis-first approach in an efficient and well-managed process. We know the important questions to ask upfront in order to avoid analysis-paralysis. 

Let us know if there is a project that you feel could benefit from an L&D inspection to ensure your learners are engaged. 



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