The Superpowers that are MEF Certifications

Cynthia Porter, Sr. Sales Learning & Development Account Manager
Stephanie Schuster, Project Manager and MEF Gold-level SME

Trust! A goal for every company is to have their customers’ trust. Why? Because if they trust you, they will do business with you.

You build trust when you can satisfactorily explain and offer solutions that a customer can make sense of – both logically and budgetarily. How do you foster this ability? Provide the right mix of learnings to your employees and upskill them.

Why should a business invest in MEF certification training?

Educating your workforce is an investment in your business; it takes time, and when done correctly, it can yield great results for years to come.

In the world of networking and MEF, when employees have knowledge of MEF standards, they can explain to your customers how all of the cogs (technology and players) work together in conjunction with your products and solutions. Understanding this becomes an advantage. Your customer will trust that you can provide the needed service update, software, or equipment solution without disrupting their other services. Trust occurs when you prove you understand how to seamlessly work with their networks; thus minimizing downtime or customer service outages.

“When you are learning over time, the compounding effect is what all sales organizations will want to have – the ability to support learning initiatives and train all of their engineers,” says Michael Gagnon of MEF.

In our conversation with Michael, we discussed a scenario that a Managed Service Provider engineer shared with him. As the engineer was talking with the CIO of a company he supports, the CIO said, “I’m confused, somebody tells me SASE is this, and somebody else tells me SASE is that. Can you tell me what it is?” That engineer was able to explain it to him through the MEF 117 standard. The outcome of that conversation was that the CIO now has a ground level understanding of what SASE is, and they are in a better position to ask questions of their vendors. The CIO can now comfortably discuss technical services by using the MEF standards as an arbitration point. That engineer equipped their customer to have more trust in his organization through his vast knowledge of MEF standards.

I’m an individual. Are Lumious’s MEF courses for me?

If you’re ready to invest in independent thinking , you need an education partner like Lumious and our broad portfolio of MEF training offerings. The goal of our courses is to give our students the ability to interact knowledgeably and confidently with their customers, so they will gain their trust early. By following a Lumious learning path, you will broaden your understanding and skillsets, and ultimately provide greater value to your organization and your customers.

Becoming MEF certified is rewarding in terms of job opportunity and career path. The benefits of certification include increased opportunities for career advancement and earnings as well as global recognition of your vendor neutral MEF certification.

Whether you are responsible for learning advancement for your organization, or you are an individual looking to strengthen your skills and career path, MEF certifications should be your go-to for vendor neutral, trust-increasing, standardized knowledge. Lumious’s courses are standing by to thoroughly cover everything you need to know to gain your MEF superpowers.

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